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About me
The purpose of this site is to promote the most talented and beautiful actress in the World, Kate Beckinsale.  To help promote her films and for me to be able to express myself and my feelings.

I first saw Kate in Haunted, and right away I was amazed how talanted she was.
Few months later I saw her in, "Much Ado About Nothing," which I watched for my English course in college.  But I really fell in love with her after, "Cold Comfort Farm."  She was billiant!  Then came, "Shooting Fish," and another good performance.  After that, "The Last days of Disco," was released, but in that film there were parts in which you do not see Kate for five to ten minutes.  Next Kate's movie that I saw was, "Brokedown Palace," her first big-budget Hollywood feature.  And recently Kate starred in, "Pearl Harbor," for which she should win an award in my opinion, for she was so great.  Besides Kate is the only person that keeps me going through this messed up life right now.