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Shooting Fish
An American con man in London

British comedy about two London con men.  American-born Dylan (Dan Futterman) and his British best friend Jez (Stuart Townsend) are a flim-flam team whose aim is to fleece as many rich people as it takes to buy themselves the lavish mansion of their dreams. Dylan and Jez are both orphans, you see, and never had proper homes to call their own. Dylan is the suave, fast-talking face of the operation; Jez is the geeky but sensitive brain. While running a scam involving bogus voice-activated computer hardware, Dylan and Jez hire Georgie (Kate Beckinsale), a bright young typist medical student who's well aware of what the boys are up to but buys into their lame "Robin Hoods of the '90s". Dylan and Jez are both smitten with Georgie, who's engaged to someone else.  In the end Dylan and Jez not only get everything they ever wanted, they help out a group of needy children with Down's syndrome.